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What is the difference between standard cylinder models SI, SU, and SC suitable for industrial automation?

Differences between standard cylinders SU, SC, and SI:

1. The profile of the SU standard cylinder barrel is an aluminum tube with a rice shaped shape that can hide the pull rod, which is hidden inside the pull rod and has good corrosion resistance; The SC standard cylinder is a rod cylinder, with the rod exposed outside the cylinder barrel; The SI standard cylinder does not have a rod;

2. SU and SC are both compact in size, with SI standard cylinders being larger than their size.

SC series cylinder detail:

The similarities between standard cylinders SU, SC, and SI:

1. Similar in appearance;

2. The action type is double action type;

3. The buffering type is adjustable buffering, with smooth buffering adjustment;

4. The front cover is equipped with a copper sleeve, which is not easy to wear;

5. The installation and fixing forms are the same, with options for basic, single ear, double ear, front flange, rear flange, tripod, swing, and swing with footrest.

SU series cylinder detail:

Having a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between standard cylinders SU, SC, and SI, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of standard cylinders and can better choose and operate them in future use.

The above is an analysis of the characteristics and differences between standard cylinder models SU, SI, and SC. As an old manufacturer dedicated to pneumatic production, Zhejiang Ouleikai Pneumatic has a complete after-sales service, a mature technical team, and provides free selection and technical consulting services.

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