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2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve
  • 2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve
  • 2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve

2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve

As the professional manufacture, OLK pneumatic would like to provide you 2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve. And OLK will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve solenoid valve is a fluid control valve suitable for various working media such as air, water, and oil.

The 2V025-08 Fluid Solenoid Valve is made of aluminum alloy, which is lighter than other metal valves, while maintaining good strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity. It can maintain its functionality in harsh working environments and is suitable for fluid control systems in various industrial equipment such as air compressors, water treatment equipment, hydraulic systems, etc., providing users with greater flexibility and options.

The standard interface for 2V025 is G1/8 or G1/4, available in integrated sets for easy installation. Its operating voltage has multiple options, depending on the specific application scenario, to choose the appropriate voltage power.

Ouleikai (OLK) 2V025-08 fluid solenoid valve is the ideal choice for your fluid control system, providing reliable solutions for your production line.

OULEIKAI reliable and versatile2V025 fluid control vale 2 way Product characteristics

1. Direct-acting normally closed two-port two-way solenoid valve, with rapid and sensitive switching.

2. Lightweight and compact structure.

3. The valve body is made of brass, the electromagnetic coil has a heat resistance rating of Class B, and the sealing material is fluororubber (VITON), suitable for a variety of working media.

2V025 fluid control vale 2 way General parameters data:


direct acting

number of positions

2-bit 2-way



Working pressure range MPa(psi)


Guaranteed pressure resistance

1.5MPa (215psi)

Standard Voltage

AC220V, AC110V, AC24V, DC24V, DC12V

Use voltage range


power consumption


protection level

IP65 (DIN40050)

heat resistance grade

Class B

Connection type

DIN socket type, outlet type

Excitation time

0.05 seconds or less

2V025 fluid control vale 2 way different parameters


working medium

Port diameter

Flow cross-sectional area mm² (CV value)

Body material


Air (filtered through a filter over 40μm)



aluminum alloy


Air (filtered through a filter over 40μm)



aluminum alloy


Air (filtered through a filter over 40μm)



aluminum alloy


air, water, oil



Nylon 66


air, water, oil



Nylon 66

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